New Year’s Eve is one of those overrated, Hollywood enhanced, always disappointing type events that gets talked up every year only to be talked down the day after. I’m not a huge New Year’s party fan (obviously); I think the parties can be great and being with friends and family is always fun, but I could easily go to bed at 10pm and still be excited to ring in the new year. What I do love about the night though, which keeps me excited year after year are the fun, sparkly, sequined dresses that are completely socially acceptable once a year. 

When I saw this dress in the Free People window I knew I HAD to have it for this New Year’s Eve. Pink and sparkly – there is nothing better. Plus it has that vintage-y look that Free People does so well, keeping it classy and avoiding the tacky, 10-year-old party look. Even if all the parties suck, at least I will have an amazing photo to post on Instagram (don’t lie, you plan your outfits that way too).  


You could also pair it with a jacket over top, and/or without the nylons – depending on what type of party you are going to. I really love the back of the dress so I wouldn’t want to cover it up, but you could feel a little exposed if you were at a family party for example. I would always pair it with a pair of black heels, but you could also do nude if you want to keep the light-colour theme. The dress is only $130 at Free People, it is definitely worth the purchase. You could always re-wear it at your birthday party next year.


FREE PEOPLE Sexy in Sequins Slip| STEVE MADDEN Booties

Photos by Madeline Antony



p.s. how amazing are my sister’s photos? She nailed it with the balloons.

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