One of my favourite self-indulgences is pampering myself at the spa. Even though it can be a bit pricey sometimes, that R&R is always welcomed, especially near Christmas when my schedule gets out of control. I had been meaning to schedule a pedicure before I left for Hawaii, and to treat myself for my birthday but all of a sudden it was the week before vacation and I still had half grown out shellac on my toes.

The spa is located on 17th ave, but is a bit tricky to get to because it is in the basement of a house, that has law offices on the top. So make sure you are using Google maps the first time you go. Alli is the owner, and I had the chance to cross paths with her as I was leaving; she is the most friendly and energetic person, who obviously has a passion for her business. The goal is to open up 40 locations across Canada!

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The second best part about Beach Beauty is there early morning start. I was able to book an appointment for 8am on a Saturday which was perfect before my 10:30 brunch, as opposed to all the other places that don’t open up until like 11am. Obviously the best part of Beach Beauty is the beach-themed decor – I wish my house looked like that. You get to sit in beach chairs on actual sand as you get your pedicure done; there is beach-themed art hanging on the walls, and everything is blue and white, it is absolutely gorgeous. Its worth going to just to feel like you are in a tropical place for an hour. 

I had a manicure and pedicure (they have a little bit of a deal when you book both at the same time), and got my shellac removed. They use toxic free polish, regular and gel, which is pretty cool. I used regular polish on my fingers and the gel on my toes, and the gel still looks perfect even after a week and a half. Beach Beauty has become my new favourite spot to get my nails done!

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Book an appointment with the girls at Beach Beauty today here.


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