My favourite part about vacationing is exploring all the new places; scout out the best beaches, track down the best fish tacos, or find a cool lookout. We have spent the last week doing just that and more. Even though we were on this island last year for Christmas, there are always new places to check out. 

First off, we found the best fish tacos on the island (so far) at Ono Steaks & Shrimp shack in Waimanalo over on the east coast. We were coming back from a little hike up to the light house at Makap’u point (aka cool lookout), and this looked like the perfect stop to grab a bite. Not only were the fish tacos were amazing, they were cheap too (they did serve a whole menu of other things, but you can try those for yourself). It was one of those Diners, Drive-In, and Dives type places, that look a little iffy from the outside (and even the inside) but the food was fantastic.


This morning we drove up to the North Shore to watch some surfing at the pipeline, except the waves weren’t very big so we mostly watched some impressive body surfing. There is something so mesmerizing about watching waves crash and roll out over and over again. And it is a change from our beach out here at Ko Olina that is more of a bay, with rocks blocking the waves from coming in. The North Shore town is a cute little beach town with ice cream shops and clothing boutiques (all of which were closed today because it is Christmas). It is definitely a place to make it up to if you are ever in Honolulu.

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