We have apparently become a hiking/adventurous family while on vacation; and by hiking I mean an occasional paved walk up a hill. No, I’m just kidding, sometimes we do real hikes. This one, however, was more like a walk. Without a paved path; a hike-walk. An off-road walk. In the middle of the day. In 30 degree weather. Probably should have started earlier so that we didn’t end up sunburned and dehydrated, but what can you do. I wouldn’t call it a hike, but I wouldn’t call it a leisurely stroll either.

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It was actually a very pretty walk along the coast. If you have ever been to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, that’s what it reminded me of, except on a much smaller scale. The whole walk took place on the non-paved path on the edge of the coast. It took us about twenty minutes to realize it was going to be a long walk back and another forty to actually get to the point. The waves crash against the rocks below the whole time, sometimes creating movie-like spray 40 feet in the air – its pretty spectacular.

The hike/walk ended at the point where this bird sanctuary thing was, as well as pretty rocks and waves coming up on the sand. Two seals were getting their tan on as tourists all contemplated how to get back to our cars without walking (definitely considered learning to apparate right then). 

Although it may sound like I didn’t enjoy myself, it was really a breathtaking walk and completely worth it. There is nothing better than exploring the coast with the waves crashing up next to you.

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