Many people scoff at New Year’s resolutions; why wait until a new year? “You’re not going to keep them anyways.” Both of which I understand, and agree with to an extent. It takes work to keep track and reach the goals that you set, especially if you load up on them at the beginning of the year. But why not make goals? What do you lose from resetting your intentions and reflecting on the past year and figuring out what you want to achieve in 2016? 

I am a huge goal setter; I love opening up to a new page of a notebook and writing down ideas that support the growth of my mind, body and soul while maintaining my passions and values. They are a little reminder that we have so much more potential than we give ourselves credit for day to day. The best thing about goals/resolutions is they are personal, and you don’t have to share them with anyone. Set your goals and achieve them for yourself, not for the applause from your friends, family, and Instagram followers. 

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Goal setting can actually take a bit of practice. You learn what you are capable of achieving; what’s realistic and what isn’t. Like I mentioned in my last post with my New Year’s resolutions, I don’t like to run, therefore I stopped writing down that I want to be able to run a half-marathon; I really don’t want to do that, even though it sounds like an impressive goal and even more impressive when you reach it. Here is my other advice when you are setting your New Year’s resolutions or just goals throughout the year:

  1. Keep it small. There is nothing worse than never achieving any of your goals because they are all set too high. 
  2. Make different levels of goals. Depending on how much time you want to devote to your goals, you can have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 years, etc. goals. This way you can include the big ones like writing a novel but still have little goals to keep you motivated like starting a yoga class.
  3. Write them down. You think you can remember these things, but it’s a more permanent reminder if you have them down on paper.
  4.  Celebrate. Even the small victories deserve recognition. This could be taking the night off to veg on the couch, or buying a new pair of runners, or a new cookbook you’ve been wanting to try. It will help you stay motivated and offer a reminder about your motivation and perseverance. 
  5. Keep going once you’ve reached them. You wanted to run 5km? Now push it up to 10. Pushing yourself farther will not only help you crush your goals, it will make you feel good about yourself.

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Happy New Year!


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