Photos by Allen Henry | Check out his instagram

H&M Blazer| EXPRESS Cami
H&M Dress Pants| VERA GOMMA Black Booties


Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram

Getting dressed for the office in the winter is the absolute worst; it’s warm in the house, freezing on the walk to the train, and semi-warm in the office. However, we can’t let the chilly weather keep us from looking our very business best.

The best idea is to layer, hence the light blue camisole under the blazer. I usually can’t go the whole day wearing a heavy sweater or jacket because I get to hot, so I make sure there is something appropriate underneath. The blazer also makes the pants look formal as opposed to sweat pants – which they are not by the way. They are super comfy dress pants that still look professional.

The pants and blazer are both from H&M making the outfit very affordable. I paired it with heals but you could also wear flats if you do a lot of walking. Also a black blazer would be sharp. 

I will be completely honest and say that those booties are actually my mom’s, I couldn’t afford those, and they are actually 3 sizes too small, but they look great with this outfit. I would wear my similar, yet not as great, booties with this outfit if I had not stopped by her house before the shoot.

Stay warm my friends.


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