Happy New Year my friends! I have been slacking on my Friday Favourites. To be honest, I was trying to focus on getting other content up that provides a little more depth than looking at pretty pictures. But who doesn’t like looking at pretty pictures? So we are back at it. I hope everyone is staying warm and sticking to their New Year resolutions (it’s only been 7 days, c’mon!). 

Inspire, and be inspired {on Fridays}

Favourite Look { baby its cold outside }


Favourite Inspiration { #2016 }


Favourite Sip { tastes like vacay }


Favourite Nails { toxin free }


Favourite Eats { vegetarian }



What are your Friday Favourites this week?


friday favourites is inspired by LaruenConrad.com. I do not take any credit for the series idea, however I do not copy her listed favourites.

One thought on “Friday Favourites”

  1. What a great post to end the week on – it’s nice to scroll through some pretty pictures, particularly after a long, tiring week. I particularly love the quote you have included.

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