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I really love wearing skirts to the office. They give a more feminine feel to the otherwise very masculine dress code downtown. The issue always becomes the weather, not surprisingly, which can make wearing pants seem much more desirable. But when you pair a skirt with a cozy sweater? Viola, winter business outfit. I’m not saying it’s the warmest outfit for the snow, but at least you don’t look like you’re confused on the seasons. 

I have to admit, this is my favourite outfit because it is all made of cotton and is way more comfy than any dress pant/collared shirt combo. The trick is to look professional while not having to be uncomfortable – and as a woman that is actually way harder than it sounds. 

I wear this skirt all of the time, not just to work. I wear it out at night paired with converse and a loose, white tank top; I brought it to Hawaii this past Christmas to pair with a crop top for dinners. If you are looking for something more business-like, pairing it with a collared shirt and blazer, plus heels if you want to go all out. The best part about the skirt is it is only $15! The sweater is a little more than that, so they work together nicely to balance out the price. The scarf is added here just for a little extra warmth, but is not a necessity. 

FREE PEOPLE Kristina Thermal 
H&M Pencil Skirt | GARAGE Scarf 




Photos by Allen Henry | Check out his instagram


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