Winter in Calgary is barely winter, depending on who you ask. But there are not many “winter” cities where you may see shorts in December, patios open in March, or hipster ice cream stores with line ups all year round. That being said, I don’t ever pack away my winter jacket anymore because you never know if it’s going to snow in June. Ah Rachel, cry me a river. I love my city, and its unpredictable weather. 




The best tip for dressing in Calgary is to layer, layer, layer. Sometimes even more than 3 layers depending on the day’s plans. Lots of my fashion posts are a little bit of an exaggeration of what I wear to work or out at night. They are more like outfits that I would wear when I am putting in 110% effort into getting dressed which almost never happens. This outfit, however, is a complete reflection of what I wear on the daily. You don’t even want to know the number of plaid shirt/vest combinations I own. 

Plaid is tricky in our Stampede city over here. There is a fine line between “I just got off my horse” and “I just got back from chopping down trees.” The shirt I have on is more like “my boyfriend may be a cowboy or a lumberjack, but really I just stole his shirt.” I have had this shirt forever and will not be able to tell you where it is from; some men’s store for probably really cheap. I gave you a different option in the outfit details below. 

GAP Chevron Puffer Vest | GARAGE Plaid
LULULEMON Wunder Under | HUNTER Rain Boots 





Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram


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