Happy Friday! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or you hate it you can’t deny your love for red velvet cupcakes, cinnamon hearts, or cutesy cheap Valentine’s from your besties. I love Valentine’s Day (yes I do have a boyfriend) because you get to plan extra fun and romantic things to do and your partner can’t complain about it. 

If you haven’t already assumed, my weekend inspiration is love themed. Skip over it if you would rather puke.

Inspire, and be inspired {on Fridays}

Favourite Cookie { love letters }


Favourite Catch { true love }


Favourite Warmth { lets cuddle}


Favourite Pink { so pretty }


Favourite Eats { breakfast in bed }



What are your Friday Favourites this week?


friday favourites is inspired by LaruenConrad.com. I do not take any credit for the series idea, however I do not copy her listed favourites.

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