I spend a lot of time at the gym, and if I’m not at the gym I am running from work to spin to dinner to yoga and back again. I am not trying to sound like one of those arrogant gym rats, I just happen to really enjoy getting my sweat on. Over the years I have switched up my gym bags and what I carry around trying to get the perfect ratio of necessity and weight. What I find are the most essential are things that I am likely to forget like socks or hair elastics.

I think filling your gym bag is an art to be mastered (similar to what you carry around in your purse) and I am working my way up from amateur to master. Sometimes I look at my boyfriends gym bag (from afar so I don’t have to smell it) and cringe at the sight of dirty socks and used protein shakers. Lesson number one, don’t leave your used socks in a closed bag – that’s just disgusting. The other difference between the two of us (and maybe it’s the same for all guys/girls) is I like to wear a new outfit every day when I go workout. Not saying that I wash my Lulus every time I use them (they will wreck way too fast), but I obviously need to look put together (and sometimes matchy-matchy) when I show up. So I can’t leave the same shirt and shorts in my bag for 2 weeks like my BF can.


Just like our purse, I’m sure we all carry slightly difference items around depending on our lifestyle/schedule but here is what you can find in my gym bag:

  1. Extra pair of socks. Like I said, the worst thing is you get to the gym ready to go, and you didn’t bring a pair of socks… I always try to grab a pair before I leave, but just in case I have another pair always sitting in my bag.
  2. Hair elastics. Again, one of the worst things to forget. Just throw a pack in there and you’re good to go.
  3. Ear phones. Okay so there are a lot of worst case scenarios and not having music is definitely up there. I don’t usually listen to music during my everyday life, but just to be safe I keep a pair in my purse and a separate pair in my gym bag. 
  4. Runners. I actually leave my shoes in my bag (it’s a little Lulu bag so it doesn’t close) so that I can just grab the whole bag and not have to look around for all the items I’ll need. It also keeps your shoes “indoor shoes” as I won’t grab them if I’m walking my dog or going out to run errands.
  5. Gym pass. The only time you need your pass is when you are actually at the gym. I know most people put it on their keys so that they don’t forget it, but I’m always worried it will snap off of there. I have mine attached to a lanyard that is attached to my bag.
  6. BCAAs. Also not completely necessary if you’re not into supplements but I keep these in a small tupperware container for my post-workout recovery. They are then followed by a protein shake but I don’t keep that in my bag.
  7. Water bottle. First of all buy yourself a real water bottle, none of that plastic water bottle nonsense. I keep mine in my bag for the same reason as everything else – it’s all in one place when I go to leave. Once a week I bring it out to wash it out, but otherwise it stays in there until I add my supplements to it before I leave.
  8. Workout gloves. I don’t use them for every workout but where else would I keep them. That way I have them when I need them for those upper body days. (PS if you’re too embarrassed to wear gloves because you don’t think you lift enough, you have to get over it, these babies save your hands from all those ugly blisters.)

It’s pretty straight forward – everything that I need to have a good gym day is in there all of the time. I don’t spend any time running around my house trying to locate all these items. 




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What do you keep in  your gym bag?


One thought on “Gym Bag 101”

  1. YAAAAS. This is actually such a struggle. I always make sure to keep bands in my gym bag for extra glute work. I hate hate hate showering at the gym because it means shampoo,clean clothes, make – up etc. Tooo much stress, I love gyms where you can rent out lockers.

    I need a new gym bag that can fit everything!

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