People always say that these fitness boutiques will just be a fad, but more and more keep opening up as people become more committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I am one of those people that want to try all the new places and meet all the cool people that are running them and encouraging people to stay fit. If you know me I have probably dragged you to at least one spin, hot yoga, barre or surf class with enough enthusiasm you would think we were winning the lottery.

What I love most about these places is the atmosphere of the class and the community that is created based on a passion for fitness and a love for living a healthy life. I have met so many great people in every single class that I have been to and that is why I keep going back. Yes I could do cardio at the gym by myself, or do yoga in my living room with YouTube, but nothing compares to being in the same room as people who are striving to improve themselves. I view my health (body and soul) as an investment, and do not mind paying the class prices to better my body.

The latest place I tried out was SURFSETyyc, located in Dalhousie, just off of Crowchild (I’m on board for any studio that opens up near my house). I have done lots of surf fitness at Studio Revolution down on 17th so I knew what it was all about when I signed up. Not only is it in a more convenient location, they offer way more classes to choose from (including barre, TRX, and boot camps) as well as nutrition coaching and wellness workshops. 

SurfSet is a fitness class that is done entirely on a surfboard; it is such a good core workout since you have to remain balanced as you do all of the exercises. It is a great way to switch up your regular gym routine, and you (almost) forget you are working out because being on a surfboard is so much fun. Like I mentioned, they offer a whole array of surf and other fitness classes. The two that I tried this weekend were The Maverick and Soul Surfer. The Big Kahuna is a total body workout of kettle bell exercises and resistant circuit training, and of course cardio. Soul Surfer is the opposite, its a yoga-inspired class to build balance and flexibility. Sounds like it would be easy, but its not – doing slow movements is just as hard as jumping around. 









I had a chance to chat with the two owners Tammy and Jeanette and get to know more about them and SURFSETyyc:

Where did you first try out SURFSET?

T: I First tried SURFSET in New York & thought it was challenging and fun!
J: I First tried SURFSET in Las Vegas and liked the high energy vibe of the class, the challenge and the variety in the fitness method.

What has been the most challenging thing so far about opening your own fitness studio?

T: Finding a location!! Took almost a year to find a suitable location in the NW part of Calgary. 
J: Coordinating all aspects required to open a fitness & wellness business.  We’ve become a jack-of-all-trades since starting this adventure.

What is your favourite SURFSETyyc class?

T: All of them!! If I had to choose would be The Maverick.

J:  I like the fast paced classes that really make you sweat – like The Tidal Wave 

What keeps you motivated to workout?

T: How I feel after I do!!

J: Working out makes me feel at my best mentally and physically.  When I’m fit, I can take on more challenges in life.

 What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
T: Finding your balance!
J: Finding the balance between clean eating, exercise, family, travel … and the things you love that aren’t so good for you. Moderation is key. Balance means finding the ratio that works for you personally to be happy and healthy.
If you’re looking for a full-body workout that offers you something different than a regular gym routine, you have to come try out SURFSETyyc! 

Sign up for classes here, and check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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  1. I love the smaller fitness boutiques (love Barre class)! They’re less intimidating and more personal than going to classes at a large gym – I feel there’s more accountability to show up, too. Win-win!

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