I came across this article on Refinery29 called 7 Fitness Goals That Have Nothing to do With Losing Weight and I thought it was brilliant. Although people that are trying to lose weight will probably hate me for saying this, that article gives a little voice to the people that have other goals in mind. I workout everyday, either with an hour and a half of weights at the gym, a spin class, hot yoga, barre, hiking, snowboarding, etc. On the weekend or days off I usually do two or three of those activities. Not because I need to lose weight but because I really enjoy being active and feeling great about myself.


I came across this Worth & Wellness Journal by Amy Latta that is being released today (you can buy it here on Amazon). Amy teaches the key to long term wellness is rooted positive body image and mindfulness. What resonated with me the most about this journal is the fact that the author centered in around this idea:


The purpose of the journal is to help readers become more aware of their thoughts and feelings on health and fitness. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and as an advocate for journaling in general and of course for a healthy lifestyle, I thought this was a great way to incorporate both. Keeping a private journal while travelling on a wellness journey also takes out the competition that I was talking about before – there are no required instagram posts, before or after posts – the writing and the personal development will be a success story of its own; goals that you created and crushed on your own.

Each of the 30 days has it’s own page with a Wellness section that includes a nutrition, fitness, and self-care goal for the day and a Worth section that gives you a self-reflecting question to answer such as “What you have done in the past is not as important as what you do moving forward. Can you show yourself grace for past mistakes?” That is followed by an area to write about the “Key Takeaways to help you more forward” and a blank space for a mind-mapping, sketching, and brainstorming zone. The journal is designed to change your lifestyle, not just a quick fix for weight goals. book

The journal can be adapted to all levels of health and fitness. For me, I wouldn’t follow the fitness and nutrition areas because I have that covered but I could benefit greatly from self-care and filling out the Worth questions. Everyone always has room to grow and improve, and a little self-reflection never hurt anyone.

If you’re looking for more information on the author visit her website here. And if you’re interested in purchasing the journal click the image.



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