I spend a lot of time prepping food, working out, eating food, and talking about working out and eating food, and I’m not complaining either. I have lots of friends that ask about my meal plans or workout regimens for tips and advice they can apply to their own life. I am not a trainer nor a nutritionist but I find what your body can do when given the right tools, fascinating. 

If you have ever been on the internet you know that there are billions of #girlsthatlift, bikini competitors, protein company ambassadors, etc. And I have no interest in getting on that wagon, but at the same time the thought of being paid to workout is pretty addicting. Either way I am not on that level of fitness and that is mostly because my interest in giving up delicious pizza and donuts for abs is pretty low. 

My friend and I thought about competing on stage a couple years ago. We went as far as getting a nutritionist before realizing that a) we are definitely not going to be stage ready that quickly and b) it is damn expensive. So when I was told about the competition that BodyBuilding.com puts on every year, basically a virtual stage, I thought hey, why not. Two of my friends signed up as well, and let’s just say I definitely fell off the bandwagon early on. Even though I have no story of the struggle of starving myself, or the rewarding feeling of winning, I did, surprisingly learn some things about myself:

  1. I really like food. I don’t mind eating egg whites, chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes all day as long as I am not restricting from going out to eat if the opportunity arises. I will not give up socializing + Indian food for a competition. 
  2. I don’t need a stage to get me to kick me into shape. I already live that lifestyle – I measure my food, have a (pretty consistent) meal plan, spend at least an hour at the gym everyday and compliment that with multiple spin and yoga classes every week. Crazy thought: I actually enjoy working out. Also:
  3. I am happy with my body. Yes I have days where I feel like hiding under a sweatshirt all day, but overall I like it.
  4. I am not competitive. Sometimes I’ll do things out of spike or to prove I am better (yes, I am also a shallow bitch sometimes) but really beating someone at anything and getting all worked up about it is not very appealing. One of my friends that was doing the competition with (*against) me, would text me all the time to tell me how much cardio she did, or what body part day it was, or to tell me she can’t drink wine because fitness. Don’t really care, thanks for sharing though. 
  5. I am accountable to myself. It’s not a bad thing to have a gym buddy to make you go, or a weekly yoga date so you don’t bail out last minute. But what I realized is my motivation comes from within – during this past week I got up every morning to go to spin, even if I could go in the afternoon or evening. 

IMG_4579 IMG_4587
I will not be doing any competitions ever again, via the internet or in real life. I will just keep on living the lifestyle that I have carved out for myself that has some balance and keeps me happy. I have my own goals that I am working for, even if that doesn’t mean I qualify for the stage. P.S. I did not win the $250,000 – internet competitions = photoshop isn’t banned.


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