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First and foremost I survived my first CrossFit experience – I had some serious doubts. It actually was really fun if you can believe that. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides what I have heard and seen on social media.

I wouldn’t recommend showing up if you have never exercised before, but anyone with a moderate level of athleticism can become a CrossFit star. Cityscape CrossFit welcomed me with (strong) arms, and made me feel comfortable being the newbie in the class. Travis and Kyle run an awesome studio right in the middle of downtown.

What I am really excited about, besides conditioning myself to not die after I jump rope, is learning the proper technique for Olympic lifts. That’s not something I can just start doing at the gym in fear of hurting myself, but I have wanted to get into it. There is something to be said about full body conditioning, and CrossFit definitely covers that.


As they are growing they are adding more classes in such as yoga for CrossFit and an all women’s class. Basically they have something for everyone. But even if you can’t get into the women’s class, all the people that workout there are amazing – guys included. There was no intimidation, and any eye rolling happening. Everyone was there to cheer each other one. At the end of class everyone high-fived each other even if you were never even near that person.

CrossFit is about your personal bests and getting stronger at your own rate – but the team atmosphere that Cityscape has is addicting, motivating, and the reason why I am still going. If anyone needs a buddy to try it out let me know!

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Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check her out instagram

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