We all know we should take more “me” time, but usually max out our schedule with other life activities. I am guilty of it, but usually catch myself before I reach my burnout point. Usually I’m just tired and realize I need to take a couple hours (or day) to recharge.

My favourite way to relax and refresh myself is by going to the spa (who doesn’t like the spa?). It’s always a hard choice between a massage and a facial, but this time I chose the facial because my favourite spa in Calgary just added them to their services list. 



I had Beach Beauty’s facial, The Hangover. It’s a hydrating facial that focuses on healing and protecting the skin from our dry climate. They include a house made mask which felt amazing afterwards, as well as a neck and lower arm massage during the mask. My skin felt refreshed and cleansed at the end of it – I would love to have this treatment as part of my beauty routine.


You have to check out Beach Beauty’s adorable space, book your facial (or other treat) online


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