He was a man so great that he needed two names and occasionally wore combat boots to the beach. Whether you loved him or hated him, you cannot deny that Justin Bobby taught us a few good life lessons throughout his years on The Hills.

JB on moving on:

“By you pushing me away, you pushed me into someone else.”

JB on not being judgmental:

“I’ve already looked beyond it. I take you for who you are and the person you are and the heart that you have and I don’t let anybody interfere with that.”

JB on perspective:

“I think you believed what you wanted to see.”

JB on not over-thinking:

“So we have a choice. We can choose to either say peace and kick rocks and be acquaintances. Or we can be cool with each other and enjoy the company and have fun when we go out and do things and not let the bullshit get in the way.”


JB on not conforming:

“When somethings working, you dont go and f*** it up by throwing labels or doing stupid things like throwing a ring on your finger because society or friends said so.”

And my personal favourite, JB on life:

“Truth and time tells all.”


What is your favourite Justin Bobby moment?



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