I had never heard of hammam before this either, don’t worry – but it is definitely worth getting to know, the treatment was amazing. I went and had the Grande Hammam done at Soma Spa down by the South Health Campus (if you live in the North like I do, it is worth the drive down, trust me).

I had no idea what to expect, all I knew is what I had read on the website explaining the treatment. Basically, it is a Turkish cleansing ritual that traditionally happened in Turkish communal bath houses. To clear that up, it doesn’t happen in a bath house anymore, but in a spa – Soma is the first one in Calgary to offer this treatment. They opened up late last year, and the spa is beautiful. As soon as I walked into the treatment room, I tried to figure out how I am going to make my bathroom at home look as beautiful and white as it did.

The whole treatment consisted of a relaxing full body exfoliation, hair and scalp cleanse, and a massage – all while lying on top of a warm stone bed. Sounds amazing right? It was. I imagine this is how royalty in the olden days were treated – you don’t have to lift a finger. I left feeling very clean (I don’t know if I have ever exfoliated my whole body like that), refreshed, and calm. It took a lot of effort to get off the warm bed and drive home.




If you need a me day, this is the spot you need to go. They also have other services like pedicures and manicures to make it into a whole spa day (yes please). Visit their website for more info and to book an appointment.



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