Three realizations that I have had this week: They don’t want us to have a bigger pool than Kanye + I will be spending a fair amount of this summer on patios drinking beer + it’s going to be tough to maintain a summer bod with that amount of beer. The struggle is real. Every time around this year I always think I didn’t take advantage of the summer last year – didn’t get a good enough tan, didn’t go to enough BBQs, didn’t spend enough time in the mountains and every year “it’s going to be this summer.” 

My brain is in overload planning out all the places and people that I want to see. This is also the first year that I will be in town all summer (unfortunately not family trips for me this year), but that only gets me more amped for all those extra weekends. 

This summer though I want to keep up my workout schedule and stick to a clean diet as much as possible to make up for all the extra everything that will be consumed on the weekends. Here is my best advice for keeping that summer sixteen bod:

  1. Workout in the AM. Get it out of the way so that you don’t have to feel guilty later when you eat more food instead of hitting the weights. 
  2. Throw in some extra cardio. I always feel better when I burn off the extra calories in a pool of sweat. Plus you can now run outside so you have no excuses.
  3. Salads won’t kill you. I hate salad but it’s light and you get those veggies that you are probably lacking otherwise. It’s easier to eat salad in the hot days anyways, so take advantage.
  4. Be the person that brings that healthy dish to the BBQ. It doesn’t have to be celery but make a light potato salad, or lettuce to wrap the burgers in.
  5. Vodka has less calories than beer, just saying. 
  6. Still get that shut eye. You will need that sleep to keep you going so get it when you can, aka during the week. 
  7. Don’t binge on pizza or burgers late at night even if that’s what you’re craving. You should still eat, but try to keep it a little healthier if you can. Prepare your fridge with some yummy homemade carbs instead of hitting up McDonald’s on the way home.
  8. Drink all the water. 

The whole outfit is from The Clothing Bar – a consignment boutique in Marda Loop. Check out their website, follow along on Instagram, and like The Clothing Bar on Facebook.





Photos by Deanna Antony 


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