I don’t know about you but Calgary’s vibrant fitness scene keeps me motivated to sign up for classes every week, head to the gym, and try not to kill myself running up the Memorial stairs. What keeps the energy up is the community that has been built around all the different activities being offered around the city. I have made countless friends and connections by getting my sweat on on a daily basis. If you mention you like spin, we are automatically friends and we will be spinning together ASAP.

The Sweat Life, a local activewear brand, is built on the idea that sweating should be done together, hence their hashtag #OMW2SWY (On My Way To Sweat With You). The founder of the company, Joanna Magik is the definition of passion and hardwork – you can see it in everything she’s a part of (and she’s a part of a shit ton of things). Her DJing skills will get your butt moving on the dance floor or on a bike during her Friday night spin clubbing (ps. all her amazing playlists are up on sound cloud for you to rock to). She also runs the Outsiders run club on Tuesday nights.

AAAND her Sweat Style brand is the bomb.com – seriously, I was so stoked to finally get her pieces up on the blog (and in my closet). You can find all her stuff online, catch her spin classes at One Cycle, and follow along on Instagram.

OMW2SWY Tights | Raise the Bar Sports Bra
ADIDAS Stan Smith


Photos by Jess Bobyn | Check out her instagram


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