We all know it’s about what’s on the inside that counts, but sometimes you have to work on the outside too. I’ve spent the last 10 years fighting acne – different treatments, products, clinics, food – all the things. But it’s always been a struggle and usually I just end up loading up the foundation which just makes it worse. My latest attempt to calm my skin down, especially without the added stress from work, was to switch to organic products and see if less harsh chemicals would help. 

As much as I loved the feeling and the smell of the organic products, I wasn’t seeing any results. So when I was approached by Glo Antiaging Treatment Bar I was excited to try out new treatments and products. I’ll post updates as I continue going for you to see the progress and (fingers crossed) clearer skin.




I started with a consultation just to see where my skin was at. It was a really good chat about everything I eat, my lifestyle, past treatments and products, and how I’ve been treating my skin. I was booked in for their HydraFacial but she wanted to clear up some of the active acne first, so I had a chemical peel done instead, which I’m excited to see the results after my skin starts peeling in a couple days. A chemical peel exfoliates your skin to improve overall texture and tone and minimize fine lines, scarring, acne and pore size. All good things, and the treatment time is only about 15 minutes.

I also grabbed new products to try, a cleanser and lotion that have active ingredients in them called Skin Tx. It has the right active ingredients to hopefully clear up some of my breakouts and keep them gone.




Her biggest tip for me in helping my skin between now and my next appointment was switching out my makeup. Especially since a use liquid foundation which clogs my pores and doesn’t help my skin at all. She suggested using pure mineral powder (no, Bare Minerals isn’t pure mineral makeup) – there are a couple brands in Canada, but I am trying gloMinerals Powder Foundation (they sell it in the clinic so I didn’t have to order it online).

I’m looking forward to sharing the results with you over the next few months!

Glo Antiaging offers a ton of different services, not just for acne (obviously for antiaging). I’m looking forward to trying out the infrared sauna pod therapy. Visit their website for all the info, like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.


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