After I cut out soy from my diet that meant I couldn’t have whey protein which I relied on for some of my daily protein intake. I switched over to veggie based protein and am always looking for different brands to try to get the best tasting one (the texture can be really weird).

My cousin works for Arbonne and she suggested trying out there veggie based protein and other more natural supplements. I tried out the pre-workout, hydration, post-workout, protein, energy, and detox tea:


arb4I have tried a lot of veggie-based protein and I always struggle with the texture, usually it’s very course and doesn’t blend well with water (yes, I just drink protein and water). So I was super surprised when this protein went down so smooth, it mixed in the water perfectly. The chocolate flavour isn’t very strong, I didn’t mind, but mixing it with chocolate milk (almond for me) would make it taste better.

My only other issue with this protein is the amount of sugar in it. There is 9g of sugar per serving compared to 1g in other brands. But if that is okay for your diet (it has a low glycemic index) then the protein is a good choice for the other benefits. I’m looking forward to trying the vanialla flavour.

Prepare and Endure

arb2Again, the way it dissolved so well in the water was so surprising. I have used the Vega pre-workout and the texture and taste are too weird for me. I didn’t mind the taste of this one, I am used to sweeter tasting pre-workouts but this one is still drinkable.


arb1This was my favourite out of all the products – part of the PhytoSport collection. The taste was amazing, and with all the nutrients in it like amino acid and pomegranate extract, it’s perfect for after spin or the gym.


arb3This product delivers amazing nutrients to support muscle growth and provide needed electrolytes during a workout. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste – Arbonne should make a variety of flavours because I would drink it if it came in a different flavour.

Herbal Detox Tea

arb6I am a tea addict, and I’m pretty open to all teas. I didn’t expect the little hint of spice in this tea which wasn’t bad, but sometimes I am looking for a lighter tea. The flavour was still really good though! I would drink it before I went to bed; it reminded me a lot of those types of chamomile teas. It delivers real benefits, 9 botanicals that support the liver and kidneys. It’s a better detox option than the fad ones online.

Energy Stick

arb5I really liked the energy stick. The flavour was very refreshing, and I felt the increase in energy – I was out fishing at the time. It is easy to mix with a water bottle, and the stick fit perfectly in my bag. They would also be great to keep in my desk at work so I didn’t have to rely on coffee all the time.

These are great products to try if you’re looking to switch the natural supplements. You have to get used to the taste but it just means that there are less sugars and artificial flavors than regular supplements (I’m looking at you blue-raspberry). My cousin will help you get any of the products you like! Like her Arbonne group on Facebook.


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