Now that I am back working downtown I find myself back with a busy schedule – coffee, drinks, and dinners planned after work (now that I can go for casual weekday brunches). Usually when my schedule is packed I just run around with gym clothes on and everything works out, but going out after work forces me to think harder about my outfit (since I obviously am not wearing lulus to the office). 

To make it even more difficult I take transit downtown so I don’t like to lug around four bags of my life (can’t forget the food). So I need to be wearing an outfit that easily works for both the office and a restaurant. 

They have a bad rap for being overly expensive and not great quality but I really think Aritzia has nailed the office to night out look. They are a great source for basic pieces to keep your wardrobe flowing together. Or you can buy all your clothes there which I seem to do…oops. I absolutely love this skirt, but it took me a couple tries to be okay with the length. I’ve tried it on a few times over the past 6 months but just couldn’t do it. This past trip to Aritzia I was looking for a maxi skirt/dress and there Wilfred Free pieces are soo comfy (as long as you get the non-see-through colours). It just worked for me as I was looking for something that could be dressed up or down, and wasn’t too heavy for the summer.

I paired it with a Wilfred Free crop – any colour would match the skirt, but I bought black so I can match it with the rest of my wardrobe. The scarf is extra (and not necessary) but you never know when you’re going to get cold – at the office, it gets cloudy, or there is too much A/C.

If I was wearing this to the office or to a fancy dinner I would wear it with heels, but my go-to (as you should know by now) is white Converse, which would make it more casual and comfy.





P.S. I had my lashes done for the first time over the weekend and I am in love. Everyone told me that eyelash extensions are addicting but you never really know until you try – waking up looking basically ready to go is amazing. Check out my go-to place, Hush Lash Studio here in Calgary!


WILFRED FREE Winberg Tank | WILFRED FREE Shields Skirt
WILFRED Diamon Mosaic Blanket | RALPH LAUREN Armissa Pump
HUSH Lashes | GLO MINERALS Pressed Base

Photos by Chris Friesen 



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