Know what I hate more than jeans? Dress pants. They are equally as uncomfortable but make your butt look flat and droopy, and sometimes the pockets stick out weird. Basically I don’t like pants that aren’t the stretchy kind (I’m not obese or pregnant even though that’s what it sounds like). So my favourite non-gym pants are the flowly kind that somehow brands like Aritiza have made into professional business wear. It’s a win-win; they get my money, I get to be comfortable.

The tricky part is looking more than Kendall Jenner and less like you’re dad in the 70s. Key: don’t wear them like sweatpants or they will look like your food baby pants. But it’s totally doable to look classy and chic in them with the right top and shoe pairing. The top I have with it here is also from Aritzia. It is one of those tops that I would never picked up off a hanger, but my mom had seen it on one of the employees and promised me I wouldn’t look like a lamp shade and taa-da I don’t (hopefully). 

It is seriously the most comfortable outfit I wear to work. To balance it out a bit I chose heels over flats, but a pair of black ballet flats or loafers would look just as profesh with the outfit. 






Photos by Chris Friesen

WILFRED Cauchy Pant | BABATON Damien Blouse


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