If you haven’t heard yet because you live under a rock, Nordstrom had their annual sale. I am not a bargain hunter, I will not search through racks to find the best deal. Although I was super jelly of all the killer finds that other Instagrammers and bloggers were grabbing.

I know that sounds spoiled but I just don’t have patience for it, I am way more likely to buy whatever is on the manikin because it’s so effortless when the outfit is already out together for you. So unsurprisingly when I went to Nortstrom for the sale, I ended up buying everything that wasn’t part of the sale. Oops.

But how cute is this outfit. Obviously worth spending the non-sale dollars on it. I don’t know whose office allows short shorts in their dress code (hire me?) but I can’t wear this to work. I am going to wear it out this weekend for dinner with the girls – it’s cute, classy, and uber-feminine; I can’t get enough of it. Plus it’s perfect for summer because the top is light and airy and the shorts are short. 

I paired the outfit with heels to keep it styled for a girl’s night out. But Converse are always acceptable in my books. 

LEITH High Waist Crepe Shorts | LEITH Ruffle Tank




Photos by Kathleen Smiley | Check out her Instagram


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