DSC_4089Today marks the half way point of 2016 (calendar wise anyways) and I have never really given the year’s half birthday any real thought before. But I was in spin class yesterday and the instructor brought it up saying that, just like New Years, when we get to the second half of the year it’s a great time to reflect on where we have come so far and where we are going.

Especially because summer is on it’s way out, and September is always a great month to start fresh (old school habits die hard), the middle of August is a lovely time to regroup and reorganize yourself with new goals, new ideas and new ways to achieve what success is to you.

For me the first half of 2016 was quite the whirlwind – I got laid off, had a shitty roommate experience, learned about relationships and what real life is really about. I’ve had to really think about what is important to me, and where I want my life to head. I had the opportunity to choose a different path in terms of career, and start building a life that I was really proud of with people that really mean something to me. My outlook on life right now is absolutely different from my outlook on Jan 1 – I am in a different place (except in the same house ;)) in terms of what I value, what my goals are, and where I want to see myself in the next 6 months. I have put the ball in motion for a lot of fun projects that I hope will let me quit my really boring desk job, and finally have work be fun.

I have a whole set of new goals for the second half of this year that I would never have even dreamed of at the beginning of 2016. Career goals, fitness goals, relationship goals, financial goals (trust me, when you’re unemployed you have alot of time to think). I am content and happy with my life right now, but just so stoked about what’s coming for the rest of the year.

How have you changed your outlook this year? What new goals have you set for yourself for the second half of the year?


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