Social media has created a silly world where we are constantly bombarded with cooler, fitter, prettier, richer, everything-er more than you. I’m sure the gap between people with big egos and people with zero self-confidence has grown – either you embrace it or you wallow in it. In our over exposed world, it’s important to hold onto yourself and set your own #goals that you are inspired by.

When I tell people that I blog I get a lot of skeptical looks, and when I say I focus on fashion and wellness it becomes “of course you do.” Everyone and their dog has a blog, thinks they can create a career out of it, and will be recognized for some sort of individuality. But what really sets people apart from the millions of photos you scroll through is the genuinity – they are really doing something they are passionate about, and it always, always shows through. When I post a photo, or put up a new blog post, it isn’t just to jump on the bandwagon and try to get free shit, it’s because I really enjoy the process of blogging and connecting with people that chasing my hobby has done.

I am constantly changing what I consider success, what my goals look like and how I want to inspire myself and the people around me. We are evolving creatures in an ever evolving technological world and to stay true to who you are takes a serious amount of effort. It would be so much easier to just be #basic and call it a day.

So the next time you tag your friend in a super cute, gorgeous wedding photo and hashtag #goals, figure out how you can make it happen and be your own inspiration to achieve your own dream wedding, body, and life.


VARELY Vernon Crop Bra | VARELY Rialto Tight

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram


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