I had driven past the floating places over and over and I just didn’t get it. I’m like you just float? What’s the point. But now that I have experienced it, I absolutely understand why people go now. I tried out Clear Float Spa for the first time last week, and it was such a cool experience. They opened up in May and when I chatted with Bryce, the owner, it sounds like they are creating a close-knit community over on 4th street.



When I got there Bryce gave me a really in depth explanation about why people should float and the science behind it. He used some pretty big words, but floating has some crazy benefits that I would never have even guessed. The relaxation is an obvious one, but also the anti-gravity benefits, helps with chronic pain and stress, endorphins are released, and faster muscle healing and recovery. Just Google it, you can read for days about how it can help you. For me, I realized it’s going to be really great for calming my mind down and hopefully helping my mind and body deal with some of it’s stress.


When I first got in the pod and laid down, it took a while for my body to relax. I found that my neck was extra sore because it was trying to keep me afloat. After some deep breathing and using the neck pad, I was able to get my body to calm down and realize we weren’t going to drown. My next thought was, “how am I going to lay here for a full hour.” Time is a funny thing, and when you’re thinking about it it goes by so much slower but as soon as I let that go as well, the hour flew by and then next thing I knew the light came back on. I listened to music during it, but I have heard the meditative soundtrack is really good for focusing away from the million thoughts in your head. The ultimate goal, and the purest form of floating is to do it in silence where you can reach that heightened meditative state, almost an out-of-body experience.

After your float they recommend you go and sit in their cozy reflective room and just think, read, chat or journal to keep your floating experience alive. As soon as you look at that blue light on your phone it kills the vibe. I found I had no interest in reaching for my phone after I was done, you feel so disconnected and it’s wonderful.

I already booked multiple appointments to go back – they recommend going at least 3 times to really see the benefits and get used to what it’s like to float.

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