Ah September, the month to wallow is the death of summer. But also a good time to stop drinking patio drinks and get your shit back together to spend less, eat less, drink less, and wear leggings and blanket scarves. I’ve already posted plenty o’ articles about setting new goals (here and here) but I feel so strongly about refreshing your outlook and making sure you’re achieving the success and happiness that you deserve. Instead of making your own goals, I have 15 things you can do this September to shake the end-of-summer blues off, mix up your routine and refresh your mind and body.

  1.   Try a new restaurant. (Royale and Just Raw just opened up)
  2.  Sign up for a fitness class. Not a drop in, like a real scheduled-every-week class. It’s important to stay active when all you really want to do is cuddle up and watch Netflix. You’ll feel way better after you sweat, trust me.
  3.  Reach out to an old friend. Catching up with long lost friends can be fun, rewarding and nostalgic in a good way.
  4.  Start a new book. Even if you only read it on transit to work, or 10 minutes before you go to bed. Page time is better for your eyes and vocabulary than screen time.
  5.  Take a creative workshop. Learn something new or advance your skills in something creative that doesn’t relate to work. (Painting and wine does count)
  6. Schedule time to disconnect. It doesn’t have to be long, even just a couple hours on Sunday morning.
  7. Write down your goals. Use one of those notebooks from Chapters still sitting on your desk because you don’t know what to write in it. Write your goals. Keep trackof your mini and significant milestone achievements.
  8. Detox. Cru juice has a great 3 day cleanse, or Juice Because sells a soup cleanse. Don’t kill yourself but have some self-control and clean out all the goodies you loaded up on over the summer.
  9. Buy a new outfit. Office outfit, gym outfit, whatever place you need a boost. There is nothing better than rocking a completely new outfit. #confidenceboost
  10. Book yourself in to the spa. Could be just to get a mani, or to do a full spa day massage and facial. Give yourself a me-day to recharge and refresh.
  11. Print some photos. Switch up some of the frams in your house with memories that you captured over the summer.
  12. Plan a girl’s wine night. Life gets pretty busy, espeically in September, so plan a night where you all can make it to catch up and drink rose.
  13. Go outside. Unless you have a dog to walk, how much time do you actually spend outside during a regular day? Mine is close to none. Walk around your neighbourhood for 15 minutes or go for a bike ride to get some fresh air. If you can make it out to a lake or the mountains, that’s just a bonus.
  14. Try a new recipe. I don’t like to cook, but there is something satisfying about having a new recipe turn out to be your boyfriend’s favourite meal. 
  15. Remember to love yourself. Use September as a time to reflect on how much you have going for you in life, and stop comparing this to others. Take a break from social media if that will help you gain a better perspective.





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