One of my favourite country songs is Rocket Girl by Doc Walker; not only because it talks about California but because it also talks about Alberta. The lyrics go like this, “She said “have you ever been to Alberta? Wheat fields as far as you could see; Have you ever seen the prairies? Someday I’ll take you there with me” And if you’re super cheesy like me, you play it while driving down the back roads and it makes you appreciate where we live just that much more. Like Paul Brandt says, I’ll be Alberta bound until I die. (I listen to country, okay) There is just something about taking a step back and seeing what a beautiful place that we live in.

Even though Ole Originals is based in Vancouver (read the interview with the brand’s founder here), they nailed the Alberta imagery (I mean, it’s not that hard), and I thought I should celebrate the prairies and take the shirt out to where it is representing. 





OLE ORIGINALS Explore Alberta Tank | AEO Tomgirl Jean
GARAGE Boyfriend Plaid (similar)

Photos by Deanna Antony


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