Frankly Ray has some changes coming up, I’m doing a little rebrand, launching a YouTube channel, and working on some awesome collaborations. In the spirit of adding new ideas and connections to Frankly Ray, I’ve teamed up with Jenna Matthews from Jayfbabby to start a series called #BasicBrunch where we will eat brunch (obvs) and chat about the world of blogging and social. The monthly posts will hopefully help other inspiring bloggers while sharing our favourite brunch spots in the city. To launch the series, I wanted to introduce Jenna and share the story behind her blog and what inspires her. Stay tuned for the next #BasicBrunch next month!

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started blogging mainly for my love of traveling. I was constantly writing out long emails to people looking for tips on the best things to do in different cities that I’ve been lucky enough to visit. I realized it was easier to transfer it into a blog that I can share with the world! From there, my blog has become a place for me to share my love of travel, lifestyle and fashion!

What is your biggest inspiration? How do you stay inspired?

I am constantly inspired by so many different factors including different cultures, people and places. I love meeting new people and learning their stories. This serves as a huge inspiration for me and reflects in my Instagram photos. Instagram serves as a huge platform for inspiration, there are so many incredibly talented people on Instagram sharing their talents and stories. Whenever I am feeling at a loss for inspiration, 10 minutes of adventuring through Instagram always leaves me ready to create unique content.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My two biggest inspirations are Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mersalehi. For me, they are really the pioneers of fashion blogging and have created such an amazing community around them. I am also inspired by local bloggers and photographers!

How would you describe your style? Any style icons?

My style is constantly changing. I’m a Gemini so I really can never make up my mind about what I want to wear, let alone decide what my style is! Right now I’m really into nude tones, turtlenecks and chunky sweaters. I try to avoid shopping at the mall in general because I love to find unique pieces no one else has. I’m also a huge handbag gal, so all of my outfits have to be completed with the perfect handbag. My biggest style icon is Chiara Ferragni, hands down!

Top 5 things you love about YYC.

Calgary is such an amazing city. I wish I could be traveling the world at all times, but I must admit it’s always great to come home.

Here’s my top 5!

  1. Trips to Banff – Nothing compares to living an hour away from the most beautiful place on the planet.
  2. Restaurants – Calgary has some of the most amazing restaurants ever. I always love coming home and going to Mercato.
  3. The People – The people make the place! Everyone is Calgary is so inviting, unique and driven.
  4. 17th Avenue – I LOVE 17th. It’s such a unique combination of shops, cafés and restaurants. Whenever I’m on 17th, I feel at home.
  5. The up and coming art scene – It’s so amazing to see the increase in art shows, fashion events, etc in Calgary! I absolutely love it and can’t wait until we have a thriving art community.

Favourite brunch food and drink?

My favourite brunch food is mimosas. That counts right? (Lol) I actually love buffets for brunch because you get to try a little bit of everything, but if I have to order off a menu I always get a cheese and mushroom omelette.

How has blogging changed your life?

Blogging and my Instagram have completely changed my entire life! I’ve met some of my best friends from Instagram, I’ve had the chance to work with amazing brands, people and photographers. Now that I’m a “blogger” I could never go back!!!

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Photos by Cameron Eng | Check out his instagram

xx Ray  

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