This month we hit up MONKI on 10th Ave in Calgary for #BasicBrunch. I had never been there before and Jenna convinced me we had to go! We both ordered eggs benedict and both were amazing! They don’t take reservations, so either head over their on a week day like we did, or give yourself enough time to wait in line – it’s worth it!

This month on #BasicBrunch we chatted about our fave Fall fashion pieces we can’t get enough of, Instagram trends we’re following and influencers we are constantly Insta-stalking!


Fall fashion trends are on a downhill slide into the winter season or winter jackets and thick wool socks, but the weather is holding up for us and our Fall favourites! I am still obsessed with all things BURGUNDY – seriously, you can get anything you want in burgundy: scarves, hats, pants, nail polish, bags, phone cases… Plus the colour compliments other fall colours so well like army green, navy blue and grey.


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I also still have a thing for those little pom-pom fluffy key chains. I think they are adorable and add chic-ness to any bag. I really like the pink ones (obvs) and the cream coloured ones. Not a huge fan of the ones that actually look like fur, then they are a little too real.

Jenna is currently obsessed with Khole Kardashian’s inclusive DENIM line, Good American, that she just recently launched. They are made for all body types and will hopefully take out some of the stress of jean shopping. The line consists of three silhouettes that go from size 0-24 without switching over to “plus size.” Her current body suit + jeans show off her killer bod and Good American jeans.

kendalSlips over dresses are also on the top of her list. It is the easiest outfit to throw together because who doesn’t own a slip and a dress? The combinations are endless, especially if you have monotone coloured slips and dresses. We are taking full advantage of this trend until it stops showing up in Vogue.


Instagram trends that you need to know about? We’ve got a few faves:

Boomerang videos are still a thing in our minds. They introduced people to easy video making them get a little bit more creative with their posts. Plus, you can just look so cute in them!

Gorgeous flat lays that keep us coming back for more. There is an art to laying out coffee and magazines in bed and capturing that I-woke-up-like-this ease. Flat lays can make all products look extra pretty and make you go out and buy adorable wooden tables and flowers.

Instagram Stories – we are addicted. Adios Snapchat. It is just so much easier to upload to one platform than take the video twice. Plus having the ability to upload past videos and photos make it easy to keep followers up to date with out of coverage footage.

Anyone else pride themselves on a consistent GRID? We love that people are taking time to perfect their overall look rather than just focused on individual photos. It’s worth the effort, people are looking. The key is to pick a theme and stick with it. Light and simple, dark and moody, colourful and vibrant, coffee and clothes, etc. etc.


If you’re looking to freshen up your feed with gorgeous photos and jealousy-inducing lives, our favourite INFLUENCERS this month will help. We couldn’t name all of our favourite accounts but our top 4 right now are:










Who are you insta-crushing on right now? We want to know!

Jenna posted #BasicBrunch on Jayfbabby too! Read her post here.

#BasicBrunch is on YouTube now, subscribe to my channel to see our monthly videos! Next month we will be at Vendome!

xx Ray  

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