Does anyone else hoard certain staples, and by hoard I mean continually buy new ones even though you have perfectly good ones in your closet? I’m like that with crew neck sweaters and black long sleeve shirts. I just can’t help it. My justification is if you have more than one, than you will never go into panic mode when your favourite shirt is dirty because there are plenty more just hanging there. I will say this, I don’t buy multiple of the same brand, that would be excessive, I just buy the same shirt from different brands.

This black long sleeve is from robin b. clothier. I interviewed Robin in one of my posts a few weeks ago, and posted an outfit with her basic tee. The long sleeve is just as amazing, but it’s even better for the colder weather we are having. I put together two outfits, how you can wear it casual or how to dress it up for a more business look. That’s the beauty of staple pieces, they can be worn so many different ways. 

The first outfit is casual, something I would wear during the day or out to dinner with my friends. It’s comfy yet stylish and incorporates all my favourite pieces (notice how both outfits have fur vests? Obviously obsessing right now). 

ROBIN B. Long Sleeve | AEO Tomgirl Jean
SUNDAY BEST Ovid Vest (similar) | STEVE MADDEN Charrie (similar)




The business look is still comfy but can be worn to the office. These Aritzia pants are the comfiest dress pant that I own (I even wrote a whole post about them here). They work best with a cropped shirt or one that can be tucked in like the robin b. long sleeve. It’s a simple, monotone look but that’s what I’m all about.

ROBIN B. Long Sleeve | H&M Jersey Jacket
WILFRED Cauchy Pant| ALDO Stessy





Photos by Jenna Matthews | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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