Winnipeg gets a bad rap for being cold with nothing to do, which is only half true. It still is damn cold, but if you take a second to creep Instagram you can find some really cool coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants. I’m not saying it’s the top spot for a vacate, but if you’re there, make the most of it. 

I was in the Peg to watch Chris play football, hence the cold part. There is nothing like sitting in the cold for three hours at night…I was in town for four days, and scouted out some cool spaces. I’ve been to Winnipeg a handful of times in the last year visiting Chris, and each time my goal is to try out a new COFFEE SHOP and RESTAURANT.



FORTH for coffee. And breakfast. The space is what really makes Forth worth visiting. It’s spacious and filled with concrete and wood, making it a modern and cool insta-worthy space to drink your latte. My only advice would be to go at a non-rush hour time because finding parking can be a real pain in the butt (think 17th ave on a Saturday night). 



PANCAKE HOUSE for large portion pancakes. If you’re looking for lots of food and lots of whip cream this is  the place to go. They have other breakfast foods like omelettes and crepes but their pancakes and toppings are to die for. My go-to are the banana split pancakes – strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce and whip cream, need I say more? Chris always goes for the apple pie pancakes which are also killer. They have lots of locations around Winnipeg so you’re always within 10 minutes of a drool-worthy flapper jack stack. 



VERDE JUICE BAR for healthy things. If you want a quick pick-me-up, or on the go snack, Verde is the healthier option (albeit a little more expensive than other options). The space is cute, simple and hipster and the juices and smoothies are amazing. I had the Last One juice which has pineapple, apple, spinach, kale and mint in it and Chris had the Rise and Shine smoothie which is blended banana, pineapple, mango, orange and almond milk. All the drinks are made right there in front of you and really hit the spot.




ZA PIZZA BISTRO for pizza (obvs). I don’t know if Calgary has a place like this, if not we definitely need to get one. It’s like Subway but for pizza. You pick out your crust, and then line up and tell the people what you want on it from the type of sauce, to cheese, to veggies & meats. And then they throw it in the pizza oven and BAM your customized pizza. It was delish! Mostly because it’s up to you to pick the toppings, but all the crust is amazing and pizza ovens make all pizza taste good. 



I couldn’t decide between my favourite treat spots so I’ve included all three. It really just depends on what kind of sweets you are looking for.

BRONUTS for donuts. They are a little bit pricey, but totally worth it. The space is a modern industrial look with white subway tile and concrete floors. They always have about six donut flavours to choose from with seasonal specials like Pumpkin Cheesecake with Cream Cheese Glaze. And they serve coffee to wash it down.



JENNA RAE CAKES for macaroons. And all other pretty sweets like cookies, cupcakes and cakes. The cake shop is all white with photos of flowers on the walls and gorgeous wedding cakes on display. Everything about it says tea time. I had multiple macaroons and one of their cookie sandwiches, so so good. 


TALL GRASS PRAIRIE BAKERY for cinnamon buns. The best in the city, hands down. They are big and gooey so grab a coffee, a table and some napkins and indulge yourself. You can share, but there is zero judgement if you want to keep the whole cinnamon mess for yourself. They have a location in the Forks so you can walk down by the river to burn off that sugar.



The first thing people in Winnipeg suggest to do is head down to The Forks to walk around and eat. The river walk is pretty, and there is lots to see and do down there. They also have now opened up the National Human Rights Museum which I embarrassingly haven’t been to yet, but it’s a must see while you’re in the city. 


What are your favourite spots in Winnipeg that I missed? I’ll be back in January so I’m always looking for suggestions!

xx Ray  

2 thoughts on “Flyaway: Winnipeg, Canada”

  1. BDI ( bridge drive inn )
    It’s an iconic ice cream spot. Best scream in the city!

  2. I love ice cream! I will definitely need to check it out next time I’m in town. Thanks for the suggestion!

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