I probably would never wear a fringe jacket at home but there is something about New York that makes you want to dress out of your comfort zone. Plus I couldn’t go all the way to NYC and not bring cool, street style outfits, obvs. This was my take on chic-grunge, New York subway look. It was inspired by my mom’s closet (see: fringe jacket) and the need to bring outfits that are still wearable while exploring the city.

The weather was hard to guess when we were packing, and even getting up in the mornings – you just didn’t know if it was going to be hot, or have a cool breeze; do you bring a jacket or just a sweater? What we decided was jeans, a long sleeve, and light jacket was sufficient during the day, but a heavier coat was better a night when the sun went down.

Whether I’m a fringe girl or not, this jacket was amazing in New York. The black suede keeps it chic without getting tacky or too cowboy-looking. Paired with black jeans, a white graphic tee (I don’t have this linked, this t-shirt is so old, so pick any fave graphic tee) and white converse pulled it together to make it blogger-worthy but not over the top, or trying too hard. I would wear this during the day for a casual lunch, or out to like a rooftop party. It’s very versatile, and can be played up or down with shoes, accessories and makeup. It’s still comfy and moveable, so you don’t have to worry about being stiff or not being able to sit down. The toque emphasizes my Canadian-ness, but it also was just enough warmth to protect from the slight breeze.


This outfit is also perfect for eating donuts and drinking coffee, which is what I really did in it. We were told we HAD to go to Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, and I must say my vanilla donut definitely made it on my top 5 donuts. The actual store wasn’t that Instagrammable so we took our donuts out into the street and down in the subway, like true New Yorkers (we assume). They have plenty of locations, so if you’re in the City you must, must grab a donut.

FREE PEOPLE Everly Jacket | ROBIN B. High Waisted Super Skinny

Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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