I know that Carrie Bradshaw didn’t actually wear a tulle skirt very much in Sex and the City but for some reason I think it is the most Carrie-esque outfit. So when I was packing for NYC it was really a no brainer that I would be bringing it with me. You can’t go to New York and not pretend you’re Carrie for a day. However, I was surprised by how many sideways glances we got as we were walking to and from lunch; it’s New York you would think no one would even notice. But apparently pink tulle doesn’t fit well with the black trench coats. 

Even though pink tulle isn’t for everyone, I love the princess feeling I get when I’m wearing it. It works as a day-to-day outfit when it’s paired with converse and a casual crop like I have here. But it can also be dressed up for a really party dress with heels, accessories, and a lace top. You can also get different colours, if you’re just not that into pink; grey is super pretty, and black is much more versatile.

My mom made me this gorgeous skirt but you can find them everywhere. I really like the one from ADORN







 WILFRED FREE Winberg Tank| CONVERSE All Star Low Tops

Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  


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