Welcome to New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Plus all the other cliche lyrics that I used as Insta captions #sorrynotsorry. NYC is amazing, if you haven’t been you neeeed to put that on your list. I warn you that it is quite exhausting and overwhelming but it the best way possible. 

We didn’t get out to very many restaurants which was probably the most disappointing; travelling is for eating. But we got caught up in taking photos and walking every where that we would only have enough time to grab something on the go. We ended up trying some great smoothie bars, and to-go salad bars, but we missed out on some of the recommendations from our friends.

My favourite part about New York is all the people watching opportunities, which are endless by the way. Sitting in every coffee shop, or restaurant, it’s best to get a seat looking out to silently pass judgement on every one that strolls by. However, we were surprised by how many looks we got when I was wearing my Carrie Bradshaw tulle skirt, but in hindsight, it wasn’t black so I guess it did stand out a bit.  

The best way to get around is the subway; it might seem like a hassle but it’s the quickest as long as you don’t get on the wrong train. I highly recommend it from the airport as well, not only did we save ourselves $100USD, we would have got stuck in rush hour traffic anyways. Buy a week unlimited pass for $31, and it’ll get you through your trip. Yes, luggage on the train is a hassle, but think of those cute shoes you can now buy instead. 

We were only there for five days, and in New York that is not nearly enough to get to everything. Its a city that you have to keep going back to, to really experience everything it has to offer. We stayed at an Airbnb in Chelsea and so most things we did were in walking distance of there. If you’re looking for a spot in Chelsea, Airbnb has quite a few to choose from (here’s the link). We didn’t make it up to central park, or down to the financial district. Until next time.



THE GREY DOG for a cozy, home-style meal. The inside is very homey feeling, with warm colours, and traditional wooden furniture. We felt like local New Yorkers eating in there, it was nothing fancy or over the top, just good quality food. We both had Grey Dog’s Breakfast with pancakes and sunny side up eggs because it just felt right. The lattes we started with were delish and not over priced, definitely recommend.


DOUGHNUT PLANT for donuts, obviously. I can’t say the interior was really all that impressive but they make up for it with seriously mouth-watering donuts. I just had the vanilla glazed one to try it out, and the donut was soft and airy and paired very well with the coffee. They have a few locations across Manhattan so you can get to one, donut worry.




ROCK & RELLY’S for whiskey (and other cocktails). The restaurant is on the 5th floor of the Renaissance hotel, with a fabulous patio that has a retractable roof for nights like ours that are just a little too chilly to be out in the open. But in the summer, I think the rooftop would be amazing. It’s an Irish pub with a classy twist; think sports bar but high end cocktails. They are appealing to everyone, right down to their appetizers and service. You can read my full review here.



I don’t even know where to start with this because there are too many things to do in one trip. My best advice is to pick your most touristy thing (like the Statue of Liberty or Empire State) and then pick less expensive and busy places. This is my second trip so I did all the super tourist things last time, all of which are found on the first page of Google. This time we had less money and less time, so we stuck to things nearby and free.

If you haven’t been to Brooklyn, it’s worth the trip back over. We hung around Williamsburg for the day, an up and coming community that has the cutest cafes, restaurants and is known for it’s amazing vintage stores. One or two days would be enough to see everything, we walked around for about half a day which was definitely not enough.


Maybe you aren’t super into exercising while on vacation, but you’ve probably ate too many donuts and pasta and a little exercise won’t kill you. Make sure you call in to sign up as a first timer, it’s significantly cheaper and the shoe rental is included.


We went over the bridge at night, but the cooler pictures are taken during the day. It takes about 20 minutes to walk over it, which going either way is a great way to explore. On the Brooklyn side there is conveniently a Shake Shack within arm’s reach 😉 


We found the market because we were staying in Chelsea but it is definitely worth visiting even if you’re not. It has everything you need; every type of cuisine, shopping, coffee. Plus it has the YouTube office, MLB office in there so you can imagine the cool things happening on the floors above you.


Nothing beats an night out quite like an NBA game. I guess if you’re in New York you might want to go to broadway, but if you get the chance, a sports game is a completely different experience, plus you may or may not get to see Joe Jonas sitting on the side lines. We were close enough to walk to Madison Square Gardens, but if you’re not I recommend going early to eat in the area, and eating after in the area to let the crowds for the taxis and subway die down. Other tip: You can probably fit into a child’s medium shirt if you’re looking to show your support.



Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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