I started this challenge 8 weeks ago with ELX Fit, and 8 weeks is a lot longer than you think. The program includes daily workouts to complete, weekly group meetings, and a sugar detox. It was a great experience right before the holidays to really set some new habits and cleanse our bodies before indulging at holiday parties and family dinners. This is a really great program to join if you’re looking for at home workouts to fit into a busy schedule, an easy detox to follow (you get cookbooks and meal plans if you need), and lots of community support in person and on the online platform.

The weekly meetings were great to connect with the other people in the challenge, but also to explore different activities, food and ideas. Charly and Susan were always there to answer any questions that came up and provide support for the daily struggle of not eating sugar. Plus Charly put together killer workouts to transform your body as you change your eating habits.

The initial program package included the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbooks, local fitness passes, USANA Health Sciences Inc. supplements, and a Believe Fit water bottle and coupons.

I really liked the supplements from USANA. They are multivitamins and antioxidants taken twice daily to get all the necessary nutrients your body needs. I noticed a huge difference in my skin and hair, so obviously I haven’t been getting all of my micronutrients in. I will definitely be continuing to use these in my regular routine.

Now that I’ve given you the run down on the program, I want to talk about my experience with it. My biggest challenge with the challenge was interrupting my eating and workout routine for a completely different and structured plan. I benefitted mostly from the reminder that I needed to eat out less, eat less sugar, and really commit to working out even if I had a million other things to be doing. I will openly admit I am terrible at committing to detoxes because I really hate to be limited when it comes to food. It also was a bit of a struggle because I was in and out of the city travelling, and I wasn’t going to eat chicken and broccoli while I was in New York.

The cookbooks were helpful to discover new recipes that you know are heathy rather than having to scrounge around on Pinterest for recipes. There are also meal plans included if you need help with staying on track and knowing the proper proportions to eat. It takes a lot of planning for challenges like this, but if you can get in the habit of eating healthy and prepping food, the long term benefits are completely worth it. I’m not putting up before and after photos, mostly because I feel like fitness and health are a personal journey, and it should be about how you feel than how you look, especially if weight loss isn’t you goal.

Charly is hosting another ELX Fit Challenge in the New Year, which is perfect for anyone who has a detox, eat healthy, workout more, etc. etc. written down as a resolution for 2017. You can find out more information on the 2017 Transforming Life Challenge here!

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