Glo Antiaging offers a ton of different services, not just for acne (obviously for antiaging). For the last few months I have been working with the lovely ladies over there to try and clear up my skin. I have been getting chemical peels done once a month and have been religiously using the SkinTx line they sell. 

Anyone with problem skin knows how frustrating it is trying out so many product and not seeing the results you want. I had a bit of success at the beginning, switching over my products from natural (I was trying out the whole organic/natural thing, which didn’t work at all) to more medical ingredients and chemicals. But just like most products after my skin got used to using it I started to break out again. 

The tough part is most of my breakouts are hormonal and show up when I am stressed (which seems to be often). So as part of a new skin clearing effort, not only am I switching up my products and services again, I am trying to get my stress under control by saying no to projects I’m not super into, and not skipping out on my workouts. 

This past Friday I had a HydraFacial MD, a patented facial treatment that is said to restore overall health and wellness to the skin. I obviously went for the acne benefits, but I was also intrigued on the overall benefits to my skin. It’s the perfect way to get ready for the holidays; a little refresher before all the parties and family dinners ahead. It’s also a really great gift for anyone in your life that’s looking to freshen up their skin.

The procedure itself was really quick, I was expecting it to take longer but it was about 20 minutes. They used this vacuum thing to suck away the toxins and dead skin while doing a surface clean similar to microdermabrasion but no painful at all. At the end they show you this tube with cloudy water that has dead skin floaties; it is as disgusting as that sounds, but it allows them to show us that it was working. My skin turned a bit red after the treatment but it only lasted half an hour, Jenna’s skin just had a nice glow to it. When I woke up the next day my skin was so soft, and just looked fresher. 

It’s a great treatment to add to your routine, or try out especially if you already go for facials. If you want to try it out use the code GETYOURGLO for 15% off!

Visit their website for all the info, like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

xx Ray  

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