Every year I spend Christmas in Hawaii with my family – people always ask me if I miss having a white Christmas, but you can get used to waking up Christmas morning to 28 degree weather, trust me. Plus the snow is always there when we come back anyways. Even though we are on vacation, we try our best to stay active and exercise at least once a day. When I tell people we workout when we’re in Hawaii, most people scoff – “you’re on vacation, why don’t you relax?” 

But just like regular life, I tend to feel better when I have been active during the day – I sleep better, I feel better, and I don’t feel as bad when I’m eating dessert every night (#sorrynotsorry). Some days (like today on Christmas) it’s just extra walking, but most of the days I get in an hour at the resort gym after a good beach day. It’s easy to fit in a workout because the sun goes down so early so there is that extra down time that can be used to get your daily sweat on. 

I brought along the workout pieces that Sport Chek sent me – my Nike Pro sports bra, Nike Flyknits, and my Fitbit to help with keeping active. This year I finally remembered to pack more than one outfit; the hot weather makes me sweat a ton and everything needs a day or two to dry out. The Flyknits are the perfect runner to bring along because they are light and can be used for all sorts of activity – in the gym, out hiking or just walking. 

If you’re looking for in-hotel room workouts, Charly from ELX Fit put together three awesome workout videos that take less than half an hour to do, so there are #noexcuses. They all use body weight and can be done in a small room, or take it out onto the beach. At first look they seem too easy, but once you start going, the sweat dripping down your face tells you otherwise.Check them out! (Charly also has a New Year’s 8 Week Challenge if you’re looking to cross off a New Year Resolution.)

Hiking is another way to fit exercise into our vacay lifestyle – especially in Hawaii where there are endless hikes up the volcanoes and up to the waterfalls. It’s not like hiking up the Rockies, but it gets your heart going and your leg muscles pulsing. They are all gorgeous hikes – you can’t do them all in one trip but if you can make your way back to Oahu more than once, there’s a good list to get through. Yesterday we headed over to Kailua and did the Lanikai Pillbox Hike. It was a gorgeous hike, about an hour and a half round trip. It was a good length to get your heart going and the sweat running, but still enjoyable once you get to the top and walk along the ridges. Check out my YouTube video to see our hike and where we ate in Kailua!

How do you stay fit on vacation?

FITBIT Charge 2 | LULULEMON 4 Times Run Short
 NIKE Pro Classic Padded Oil Glitch Women’s Bra
 NIKE Free Run Flyknit 4.0 Women’s Running Shoes  

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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