Last year, I wrote a post about how to set goals which is helpful when setting goals but not so helpful when trying to remember what my 2016 goals were. Usually I’m really good at making a list of goals that have a logistical path to the end point, productively moving me forward in different parts of my life. But as I sit here and think of what I want out of 2017, I am coming up with broader, and more general goals; reflecting more of how I want to feel in 2017 rather than what I want to do. It could be because 2016 was so chaotic, or because I’m getting older, or because I just want it to be a more relaxed year. Either way, my outlook for 2017 is centered around creatingGOOD VIBES in every aspect of my life and being inspired by experiences rather than Instagram posts.

I read a post on HIGHSNOBIETY about fashion trends that should die, and one of the listed was “Dressing for Instagram.” I love it – even though my personal brand and career are based on social, “doing it for the Gram” is overrated now. Everyone is doing it. I’m guilty of buying things just for the post on Insta and never where the piece again. I’m adding this to my 2017 goals, reflecting my need to focus on life experiences rather than things. I want my social brand to reflect who I truly am, my values and passions, rather than what other people think is cool.

Simply put, I want 2017 to be filled with love, travel, and good vibes.

What does that mean specifically?

I want to focus on RELATIONSHIPS: my boyfriend moved backed home for good from Winnipeg and I want to nourish and cherish our time together and grow as a couple; I haven’t seen my sister who lives in Australia in more than a year and my youngest sister might be moving away for school in the fall, making me realize how important it is to spend time together as a family whenever we get the chance. With this blog, I’ve gotten to meet so many cool, interesting people and I want to keep that up this year; growing and building relationships with all the boss babes that share the same goals and values as I do. And of course, continuing to build and evolve the relationship I have with myself. I can be hard on myself, especially when I’m not running around doing a million things – this year I want to learn to relax and enjoy the little things this year brings me, instead of letting it fly past in a whirlwind of non-stop work.

I want to focus on WELLNESS and put fitness and activity first, rather than letting it be the first thing to sacrifice in a time crunch. 2016 was one of my most active years, and now that I have a solid gym and spin routine, I’m excited to throw in boxing and yoga to the mix, as well as snowboarding and more hiking in the summer. I feel the best when I’m living an active and healthy lifestyle – it isn’t about losing weight or trying to compete, it’s just about feeling good about myself. you can read my whole post on fitness goals here.

I was so busy in the last half of 2016 that thinking of career/work goals for the year ahead already gives me anxiety. Hence the need to focus on relationships and fitness rather than making money. I would like to find a work/life balance that allows me to reach my other goals without burning out – sounds easy, but after last year I know that it’s takes effort to find time to relax. As a goal, I want to reduce the amount of work I have on my plate at one time, which means learning to say no. As much as I want to be a part of everything happening in Calgary, work for every cool local brand, and grow this blog to reach international – it no longer can come at the expense of my sleep, health and wellbeing.

I’m hoping by focusing on the other two aspects of my life, the third (career) will fall into place, or it will let me relax, destress and grow so that when 2018 rolls around I’m ready to take on more responsibilities in terms of work and career.

What I learned in 2016 is there more important things in life than social media. Don’t get me wrong, my blog and Instagram account are going no where, but it’s a small blip compared to the importance of living a full and happy life with the real people around you.

How do you want to feel in 2017?

Photos by Deanna Antony
Bathing Suit by Lily Mint Swimwear

xx Ray  


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