Now that the death cold weather has lifted in YYC, I can appreciate winter for what it is: gorgeous snowfalls, winter wonderland scenic views, and endless opportunities to explore the Rockies. I’m not a huge winter hiker, mostly because I don’t want to be out in the cold for that long, trekking through knee deep snow or trying to stay balanced on icing pathways. I would also rather go snowboarding if I’m headed out there anyways; there is all summer to hike.  

As a little family-bonding day trip, we went out to Grassi Lakes for a couple hours followed by a classic bagel lunch at the Bagel Company in Canmore. The weather was everything we could have asked for, cold enough to for their to be snow but not too cold where our fingers were going to fall off. It was gorgeous up there, the lakes weren’t completely frozen and the green water stood out against the bright snow. The best part about Grassi Lakes is it’s not a hard hike (it’s more like a walk), but you still feel like you’ve accomplished something when you  reach the top. 

Sport Chek sent me a pair of Sorel winter boots to review which I wore on the hike. They are perfect because they have enough traction for the snow, are high enough to keep the snow out and are real winter boots so my feet didn’t get cold. Plus they are adorable too. They do get a little heavy if you walk for long periods of time, I find this when I take my dog for long walks too. But I would much rather have warm feet, than light boots. 

Winter hiking (or snowboarding, which I need to get out to the mountains to do) is an awesome way to stay fit in the winter, especially if you feel house bound by being stuck in gyms and studios due to the cold and snow. You don’t have to be a super human and brace minus 30; but when its around 0 there is no reason to not head out, especially with the Rockies so close. Another fun activity is snow shoeing if you’re looking for a fun date idea or a family weekend. What is your favourite winter activity? 


Sorel Winter Carnival Women’s Winter Boots

Photos by Deanna Antony

xx Ray  

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