There is something to be said about window shopping; not only can you admire from afar, you cannot make purchases from standing outside of the store. When headed towards Kit and Ace in Mount Royal, I highly suggest you stick to window shopping unless you are prepared to hand over all your life savings, your house and your dog in exchange for the most wonderful cashmere clothes (Lucky for Cooper he stayed home on Saturday).

I’ll be honest, I only owned one thing from Kit and Ace before I spent all Saturday morning there. I loved browsing through the store but I really couldn’t afford anything, and wasn’t willing to cough up the extra cash for a pair of pants, a shirt, or a sweater of any kind. But Chris got me a sweater for Christmas a few years ago, and I fell in love with the fabric, the fit and the warmth immediately.

And I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that investing in good quality clothing is key to wardrobe success. So when Kit and Ace asked if I (and Jenna of course) would spend a morning in the store trying out the new Spring Collection and giving our feedback, I was in before I even finished reading the email. I just can’t say no to cashmere and coffee, unsurprisingly. 

Jenna and I spent the morning trying on and photographing pieces from the upcoming Spring collection as well as some of our favourite pieces we found while hanging out in the store. Needless to say we had a ton of fun working with the staff, trying out gorgeous outfits, and trying not to buy all of them. I am super excited for all the new pieces to hit the floor so I can go in and buy (…them all). 

The outfit I’m wearing here is one of my favourite that I tried on. The blouse over top of the sleeves turtle neck is something I never would have put together myself but fell in love with the look as soon as it came together. It was comfy, yet chic and was perfect to wear to work or out for dinner. Plus you can’t say no to a reversible cashmere over coat.

What I really like about Kit and Ace is that everything in the store goes together so buying outfits is easy because you can add any piece to your collection and it will slide right in there. The colours, style and textures all compliment each other effortlessly, making it so tempting to buy every. single. thing. Next time you’re strolling down 17th, stop into Kit and Ace for life changing cashmere.


Photos by Jenna Matthews | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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