It’s February, the month of obligated Resolutions has passed and we are now into 2017 full swing. I took January as the month to organize myself – my job, my personal life, and my blog. I spent plenty of time at the boxing studio, spinning and lifting weights, but not as much time as I should have prepping meals. I have to admit, Chris and I went out for dinner a few too many times due to lack of groceries, time and sometimes just convenience. Having another person around can go both ways – motivation to be healthy and fit, but also to agree with you when you want to go for unlimited sushi…

We’re taking the month of February to reset our food habits, and get back into the meal prepping and whole food meals to make us feel (and hopefully look) better. There are lots of ways to jump back in to a routine, and eating healthy isn’t something new to us. But we wanted to detox properly and hit the ground running when revamping our diet and eating habits; say hello to Well’s 3-day Level 2 juice cleanse. We are technically not starting it right at the beginning of the month (obviously) because of the Superbowl and the delicious snacks that come with that celebration.

We started the cleanse on Monday. Our original plan was to start on Tuesday to give our bodies a break and not struggle with just drinking juice after eating junk for Superbowl Sunday. When juice cleansing, it’s easier to adjust to just drinking juice and reduce common detox symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, headaches, etc. by preparing your body for it rather than just jumping in cold turkey. However, that didn’t happen, we decided to just get started which probably explains why I was fatigued and had a killer headache…

We chose the Level 2 detox: it’s an intermediate cleanse with strong detox power, but isn’t as intense as Level 3 (for seasoned cleansers – aka not us). We’re doing the cleanse together for that extra support – couples that juice together, stay together – right? Plus February is the month of love, so it’s the perfect excuse to show extra love and support to each other, and evolve our lifestyle together. For all you ladies with boyfriends that think juicing is only for girls, tell them to think again. Our bodies need to be detoxed and cleansed everyone in awhile, and why not do it together?

Like I mentioned, we did the 3-day cleanse. Like any commitment that involves giving up food, it’s a rollercoaster ride. I felt the best way to document it was to journal about it everyday.


May the games be ever in your favour…

Day 1: So it begins. I didn’t realize how much I plan my day around eating until I wasn’t supposed to eat anymore. We drank Greens for breakfast, had C Well for a mid morning snack, Spent for lunch, Be Well for a snack, Greens for dinner and Ink 2 hours before we went to bed. I struggled around 3pm, which is usually when I get tired and unfocused but it’s tough to get back on track when you’ve cut caffeine out of the picture. I was tired, had a headache, and was trying hard to keep my hanger under control. I drank water as a way to distract my body from the fact that it was only getting juice; it only kind of worked and forced me to go pee way too often.

Day 2: When I woke up I felt depleted, my body is obviously used to getting regular food and exercise, and it’s not even close to getting either of those yet. I had a busy day at work, which was a good distraction from the hunger. Again, drank a lot of water and added in peppermint tea (it was freezing out, and juice was not helping). We drank the juice in the same order as yesterday, always finishing with the best tasting one. We also had a cup of bone broth with our dinner juice, for the warmth and extra nutrients that our bodies were craving. By the end of the day I could have easily broke down and ate some real food. It helps having someone else there to struggle with and clink bottles with. 

Day 3: Three days usually isn’t that long, but if you’re looking to live in the moment and slow down time, I suggest going on a cleanse. Overall, the third day we found was the easiest; our bodies are smart and adaptable, and it was easier to not think about food and enjoy the juice at hand. We were still both hungry, but it was more a craving for solid food than the food itself. I think what got us through the day was knowing that we could eat breakfast the next day and all would be right again in the world. We finished up the last Ink juices and agreed that we did feel lighter, and motivated to reestablish our healthy eating habits.

Thursday: Juice cleanse done, check. We ate our usual breakfast of egg whites and oatmeal; appreciating both foods like we never have before. We tried to stay away from sugar, the juices have plenty of sugar in them and we needed to ease away from it. We had bone broth vegetable soup for lunch, and a light fish for dinner. We still drank plenty of water to keep our bodies flushing everything out.

TBH 3 days isn’t that long at all, I had lots of people tell me it wasn’t a real cleanse if it was that short. But for us three days was long enough to flush out the unwanted toxins, restart our healthy lifestyle, and appreciate solid food. All of the juices were tasty (except Spent, Chris didn’t mind it, but I couldn’t drink it), which made it easy to get through them all during the day. I highly recommend doing a cleanse if you’re looking to restart and regroup your eating habits, if you’re feeling heavy and weighed down, or just need some vegetables in your life. Have you done a juice cleanse? What was your outcome?

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Photos by Jenna Matthews | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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