Whether you hate it or you love it, it’s inevitable that Valentine’s Day comes around every year and you have to decide how you want to spend the day; either with your significant other or your girlfriends (aka Galentine’s Day). Going out for a fancy is dinner is overrated and very expensive, so it’s best to find an alternative that doesn’t leave you or your date in debt, especially if you’re expecting roses and/or chocolates and/or jewelry as well.

The first Valentine’s Day date my boyfriend and I went on was before we were “officially” together and obviously too young and naive to realize that all Italian restaurants have a set menu and jack up the price. It was the first and last time we payed $300 for pasta; and now we are all about avoiding dinner on the 14th and spending quality (and regular priced) time together. In terms of gifts, we have moved away from the traditional roses/jewelry (not chocolate though, I am always down to receive chocolate) and moved into more useful gifts that we can enjoy together. This year we wanted to support local and bought matching Local Laundry shirts. 

It’s hard to choose our fave shirts so we are wearing a few: Unisex Crewneck in black, Unisex T-Shirt in charcoal, Women’s T-Shirt in Forest Green. Check out their website here for more cool designs and styles! P.S. Follow LL along on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

So what are our go-to Valentine’s Day date spots? The best YYC-esque spots in this city where we can enjoy spending time together, have a little fun, share the local love and not break the bank.

Peter’s Drive-In is one of our fave spots ( as it is for most Calgarians). Even the snow can’t stop us from popping by for a milkshake and a cheeseburger. If you can make it on a semi-nice day, they have heat lamps over the tables so you can sit outside like a true Calgarian in February.

Skating at Bowness is our go-to for fresh air dates. There is something romantically cliche about skating, and I’m all about it. Bowness is great because they have a big area to skate in, and a path down the river. Plus they have fire pits, Seasons of Bowness to grab a bite to eat, and a cafe for hot chocolate.

Gondola at Banff is not a cheap date nor is it in Calgary, I will give you that. But it’s worth the extra moola to take your love up to see the views. It’s a great walk across the top, and if you’re there on a clear day, the views are stunning! There is also a restaurant at the top that serves the best Duck Confit Poutine.

What are your favourite date spots in Calgary? Share them in the comments below!

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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