We’re still pushing our way through winter (why is it still snowing?!) but just like every year, when the days start getting longer you know that Spring is just around the corner – soooo close. This means we can bring a little colour back into our wardrobe and (fingers crossed) stop having to wear winter boots every where. Spring in Calgary is a little tricky, you don’t know if you’re going to get sun, rain or snow on any given day; it’s winter-chilly in the morning and summer-warm during the day. This means you have to layer and wear versatile pieces.

Adorn Boutique in Inglewood has amazing Spring pieces in right now, with a ton more on the way in. It was hard not to buy the entire store, especially after I tried everything on…I picked my absolute favourite pieces instead. I put together 3 different Spring-inspired outfits from Adorn: casual, office and dinner date. What I love about all the pieces is they divide nicely into the different categories, but also can be swapped out with each other and other pieces from my current wardrobe (like those black jeans for robin. b). I paired a simple pair of black ballet flats with each outfit, but booties or heels would really bring together the looks.


You can’t go wrong with a sweat and jeans; it’s a classic look that makes you look pulled together yet still very functional. I didn’t want to take this cashmere sweater off; they had just got it in the day I was there, and what I wouldn’t have done to buy it in every single colour. The taupe light overcoat, gives the look a little extra warmth and adds a soft spot of colour. The sweater is a great transitional piece as we move from winter to spring, without missing a beat. The key is layers, and the light jacket is perfect for that.


I get lazy when I get dressed for work every morning, I end up wearing a boring combination of dress pants and button up shirts. I am always looking for every day pieces that can also look professional at the office. The top is sleeveless, which is a must for me because I sometimes get hot and flustered if I’m wearing too many layers while inside. Also, you never know when you may need to stop by the patio for happy hour and soak up that Spring sunshine.


This dress was by far my favourite piece, the colour and pattern radiates spring but it still has a sexy neckline and slit to impress your date. This piece can transition from Spring evening drinks to summer time brunch dates. A trench coat, leather jacket or a chic blazer would pull this outfit together and get you from the car to your date.

All of these amazing outfits are available at ADORN in Inglewood. Shop online or follow them on Instagram.

Photos by Katherine Calnan | Check out her instagram

xx Ray  

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  1. Great post Rachel! I love these spring looks! Thanks for the shout out (the jeans). Can’t wait to work together really soon!

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