There are so many different kinds of writers; authors, poets, bloggers, storytellers, the list goes on. The definition may be subjective, but what they all have in common is their passion for words and using a platform to express their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. The great thing about technology is the endless possibilities and opportunities to share our stories and our inspirations.

I collaborated with Vee from Word Bliss to explore ways that we are inspired on a day to day basis. We wanted to showcase a day in the life of a writer. Whether it be a blogger like myself or short quotes like Vee (who happens to be a journalist), inspiration can strike at any time and a good writer is always prepared. 

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. – Anaïs Nin


@ Home

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Rachel: One of my favourite times to write is first thing in the morning. Some people may cringe, but my brain is up and at it early during the day. Usually, that’s when I have the best ideas, the most productive things to say, and the motivation to get things done (coffee does a part). The best part is you never have to leave your cozy bed or change out of your PJs. Early morning essentials include freshly brewed coffee (or mimosas), pastries, a notebook, and my favourite pen (or my Mac, depends on how fast I want to write). Inspiration is drawn from my passion for creating and growing ideas in the new day light. 

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Vee: First thing in the morning, I collect and review my thoughts from the night before. More nights than not – I will have a thought, dream, or idea that either sparks right before I fall asleep, or wake me up in the middle of the night. If inspiration strikes while you snooze like me, it’s essential to keep a notebook and pen in your bedside table. This allows you to record these thoughts the second you have them, in their raw form. Looking through what you conjured up while you were half asleep can make for a great morning read! If it’s a Sunday, these are my sacred mornings that I use to take my favorite quotes, sayings, or poems that I wrote during the week to print on my typewriter. I usually accompany it with a morning mimosa, because it’s a celebration of my most recent creations!

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@ The Tea Factory

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Rachel: If you’re ever looking for me, the first place to start is a coffee shop. I love being surrounded by other people’s conversations and lives, witnessing their interactions and watching their relationships grow over a cup of coffee. There is something special about the atmosphere in cafes; for me, it spurs inspiration like no other. I get a Carrie Bradshaw feeling when I’m sitting with my laptop typing out my story to share with people. It also is a good place to go if I need to jump start my thoughts by seeing or hearing new ideas and different people.

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Vee: Coffee shops are my home away from home. When I was a journalist, I would need to write in a coffee shop to keep what I call my “writer’s’ buzz” going. The energy of the people and the city would always help me finish as story. As a writer, it’s very easy to become lost, (or drown) in your own thoughts – because there are so many of them. Your brain never shuts off, and because of this, a quiet place alone can often be the most distracting. Calgary has so many amazing coffee shops, especially where I live, just off of 4th Street in Mission. However, there can be too much of a good thing, and it’s sometimes a good idea to break up the coffee running through my veins with some green tea to boost the system and the mind! That being said, it’s also a great idea to switch up which coffee shop or tea house you write at to up your chances for new sources of inspiration. 

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@ Phil & Sebastian on 4th 


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 Rachel: Sipping on wine while jotting notes down is a very romantic setting; one that usually results with words flowing especially when I have company to talk through new ideas. It makes the writing seem easy and casual,as if there is no judgment on what is being written down. There are many YYC coffee shops that serve wine, creating a space to enjoy your evening but also allow you a quiet work space. 

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Vee: It also never hurts to get another kind of buzz going while you write, Ernest Hemingway did once say “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”. Conveniently enough, some of the most popular coffee shops in Calgary do in fact serve wine! I’m not in any way saying to go to a quaint coffee shop and get inebriated, but as I changed my style to write more creatively and freely over time, I’ve learned that overthinking can be your worst enemy. Better known as writer’s block – thinking too much about your writing, what it means and what you want to communicate can stand in the way of you writing anything at all. Taking the edge off with a little liquid courage never hurt anyone!

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What inspires you?

Check out Vee’s Word Bliss Instagram (you can buy her prints too!)

xx Ray  

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