When we were walking along 17th Ave taking photos of our Babes Who Brand sweaters, the first person to comment asked if we were talking about branding cows out on the farm. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best start, but if there is some country-loving brand out there that wants our sweaters then we are all ears (looking at you Calgary Stampede). As much as we love the cows, that’s not what our sweater and brand is about.

Kolby, Jenna and I are all marketing professionals and spend endless time building, growing, and defining brands; either our personal brand or for our clients. The three of us understand the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge and experiences to help each other grow. So when we say Babes, we aren’t just talking about our group, but all the boss babes killing it in the marketing industry. We want to create a community of support, a girl gang so to say, to build everyone up rather than trying to get ahead by yourself.

We used a similar look and feel as the Babes Who Brunch sweater because we can be seen talking about and working on branding just as often as we are out for brunch. Branding is what we do for a living but it’s also a part of our everyday life as we decide what photo to post on Instagram, or what brands to work with on our blog. Building a brand is important, especially in our social media world where a million people are doing the same thing as you, you have to put in that extra effort to stand out. Here are five helpful tips when building or evolving your brand:

  1. STAY GENUINE. Just as you wouldn’t wear an outfit that you didn’t like, why would you develop a brand that didn’t reflect who you are? In a space with millions of people working towards the same goal, the only way to stand out and build a following around your brand is to keep it true to who you are. It should reflect the values, goals, and experiences you or the business has in a transparent way. You want to build a brand that people trust, to keep them coming back. 
  2. BE CONSISTENT. Similar to being genuine, it’s a lot easier to keep your brand consistent if you are not faking it. Also keeping it consistent allows your audience to know what to expect from you and your business.Trust in a brand is created through reconizable and memorable content. 
  3. EYE CATCHING CONTENT. Again, you are competing with a lot of people, most of whom are probably better photographers or designers than you are. But you have the visualization of your brand in your head so you can make it happen, and give people a reason to pay attention to you. 
  4. BE STRATEGIC. Make a plan, don’t just dive into rebranding without thinking about why you’re doing it. Does it make sense with my target audience? What should I take into consideration? You don’t want to lose your audience by fumbling through branding; people move on so fast. 
  5. SUPPORT OTHER BABES. Grab a coffee with people who are killing it in the branding game, ask questions, answer questions. Success comes from networking and learning, and what better way to do it than over a glass of wine?

Get your Babes Who Brand crewneck sweater for you and your squad HERE.

Photos by Jesse Tamayo | Check out his Instagram  

xx Ray  

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