Who doesn’t want a six-pack? There is a reason we spend the last 20 minutes of our workouts doing as many sit-ups as we can (side note, doing an endless amount of sit-ups will not get you abs). A strong core and a lean body will give you the abs your dreams are made of. The best place to build up that core strength is at Lagree YYC. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, people talking about how hard it can be and how good the burn is. Lagree YYC is Western Canada’s first and only fitness studio offering the exclusive Lagree Method.

Kolby (from Simply Modern Marketing) and I did an ab challenge for the month of March, using Lagree YYC classes as the basis for building those abs. I had never done Lagree before and was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the workout. TBH my expectations for loving it were low, I am much more into high-intensity workouts with sweat dripping down my face than a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race type of workout. However, as anyone knows who has done a Lagree class, the leg burn makes you wish you were coasting through a spin class. 

What I really love about Lagree is the emphasis it puts on the smaller muscles. My inner thighs were sensitive for a full week after a couple classes, and my obliques have never been that sore. Like all other fitness studio classes, Lagree is a great complimentary workout to the rest of your fitness routine to tone and elongate your muscles and grow the little muscles.

My only negative experience I had during the classes was the pressure it put on my wrists. I found I couldn’t do two days in a row because my wrists couldn’t handle it. To ease up on them, there are alternative places to put your hands such as the side handles, so if you have the same issue, make sure you ask for alternative hand positions.

If you’re looking for a place to kick-start your summer bod, Lagree is the place to be. When you pair it with a clean eating diet, your goal of a six pack is very realistic. Here are five more things you need to know about Lagree YYC:

  1. The Lagree Method is a workout designed for full body conditioning that integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance to create that burn. The workout is done on Lagree’s proprietary M3S Megaformer.
  2. It’s a low impact workout, reducing the risk of injury and making it easy on weak joints. The resistance is controlled by you so you can adjust the difficulty based on your body and abilities.
  3. There are different class options: Full body, light full body and ultra light depending on how your body is feeling and what type of workout you’re looking for. They also offer YogaFormer, a slower class focused more on the stretch.
  4. Don’t do leg day before, you will die. I made that mistake once and instantly regretted it as we sank down into our first elevator lunge. It’s only a 45-minute class and you are paying to be there, so don’t limit yourself by showing up half-ass to the class.
  5. The first class is free. #NoExcuses

Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check out her Instagram  

NIMBLE Harriet Crop | NIMBLE Plumbargo – Speed 7/8 Tight
FITBIT Charge 2 | LAGREE YYC Crop (buy in studio)

PS. My whole outfit can be purchased at either of the Lagree studios – they sell Sweat Society in-studio! 

Book your first class online. Like Lagree on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

xx Ray  

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