This is the time of year that the BBQ invitations start rolling in and Stampede is just around the corner. It’s also the time of year that I stand in front of my closet and wonder what I wore all last summer with a less-than-enthusiastic love for my current summer wardrobe. In the past years, I probably would have headed to the mall and picked out the latest trendy pieces like lace crop tops and white denim shorts. BUT I’m no longer rolling in the Oil & Gas dough so I have to be a little more selective with how I build my wardrobe. Picking out the pieces that are versatile and that I absolutely love is key to investing in a Spring & Summer wardrobe. 

For instance, take a look at this adorable romper I found at Blondie Boutique on 17th Ave. It is the perfect summer piece that I can wear all summer. It’s going to be my go-to for summer BBQs, drinks on the patio and of course, with some cowboy boots, that baby will look killer for Stampede and Country Thunder this year.  It would also work for girl’s night out, or any vacations that you have planned in the upcoming months. Heels, a leather jacket and a black choker, and you are set. 

I paired it with a classic pair of white chucks and a gold choker. The Converse, now that I look more closely, definitely need to be washed or replaced with a new, fresh pair. It’s a simple and easy outfit that I can throw on and be out the door but still look chic and put together. When you’re buying it (if you are ordering it online) I would suggest going a size up, the torso part is quite short and when I put the xs on it pulled up in uncomfortable places. 

The romper is cute, fun and easy to pull off. It will definitely be the most worn piece of clothing I own by the end of the summer. Head down to Blondie Boutique to pick up your own!

Photos by Jesse Tamayo | Check out his Instagram  

xx Ray  

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